Leading the field in Europe - fluorescent tube recycling with DOLAV® pallet boxes

Indaver provides tailored solutions for each type of waste. With the use of their wide range of in-house installations and processing equipment, waste is recycled with the most optimal results. Next to that, the maximum amount of energy and valuable components are recovered. Important goals, when you manage and process about 5 million tons of waste each year.


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Innovative and ergonomic processes

Indaver continuously innovates and develops solutions in order to further improve the environmentally friendly ways of recycling waste.
At the Indaver-site in Doel, around 30 million
mercury lamps are processed each year. These lamps are collected in various countries such as Belgium, France and The Netherlands and are processed in two installations.
Fluorescent lamps and other mercury discharge lamps are processed with the roller crusher installation. For the recycling of used, straight fluorescent tube lights a new installation has been employed recently: IndaTube. With it, Indaver has now almost doubled its production capacity.

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The collected, used fluorescent tubes are first sorted by quality in four new and ergonomically set up sorting stations before they are taken to the IndaTube-installation.
Indaver required a partner that could offer them a solution for storing the sorted, straight fluorescent tubes and the subsequent supply of these lamps to the feeding unit of the new IndaTube-installation. They found their partner in DOLAV®.

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Unique pallet boxes

DOLAV® has 40 years of experience in producing and supplying HDPE pallet boxes to –amongst others- the recycling industry. Dolavs are the only available pallet boxes in the market that are manufactured using a special one-piece moulding technique. This makes them very strong and durable.

Like Indaver, DOLAV® has an excellent track record when it comes to providing customer specific solutions.
As per Indaver’s requirements, DOLAV® adapted both the height and width of its standard, solid version of the type 1000-ACE pallet box.
Furthermore, the runners were adapted and also an opening was made in one short side of the box to facilitate the loading of lamps.
The result: the dimensions of the box fit those of the tipping unit perfectly, making the process of emptying the light tubes onto the feeder of the Inda-Tube installation an easy task.

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Sustainable waste management

Roel Van de Voorde, manager End Processing and Recycling of the site in Doel states: “If we want to continue to lead the field in fluorescent tube recycling, it is important to maintain growth and work in compliance with the strict regulations applicable in this field. Because of the new IndaTube installation we are able to recover as much materials as possible.
DOLAV® pallet boxes are an essential part of this closed recycling loop”.

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